CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Computational fluid dynamics calculations are the core business of NORDSIM and this is so because we have the strong believe that it is very hard to model optimal equipment for flow distribution when the flow is unseen. Therefrom shedding light into flows behavior can substantially help our Customers sight of how their designs realy shape the fluid. Customers which do not see flow When focussing the task of designing and developing products, we look for a continuous improvement to satisfy future market demands. NORDSIM is comprised of different engineer profiles working constantly on simulation systems, processes and equipment behaviors.

Fluid-Dynamic Analysis:

We offer CFD analysis services to simulate systems containing fluids such as gases, liquids and thermal systems.

Some of the jobs that we can carry out in this regard are:

  • Flow modeling over bodies and calculation of the different representative magnitudes: drag coefficient, pressure loss, flow path prediction.
  • Optimized ventilation design for buildings taking into account the three heat transfer mechanisms: conduction, convection and radiation.
  • Reactive flows modeling, determining the actions over the boundary bodies.
  • Geometry optimization towards the achievement of goal values for specific representative parameters.

Temperature distribution within the fluid domain of a boiler burner system

We develop models which reproduce with fidelity the real physical phenomena. We use HPC resources to compute these phenomena and this lets us face transient models as well as large fluid domains.
CFD benefits in contrast with classic methods:
  • Fast methodology and low cost for an iterative design.
  • Fast and low cost methodology to determine failure causes in the equipment.
  • Possibility to analyze and take measure where not physically possible by means of traditional experiments.
  • Possibility to implement complex physical models. CFD allows the introduction of complex models such as turbulent flow, multiphase, combustion.