Validation services

NORDSIM sets at your reach an objective functional warranty for your equipment. That is, a warranty which deals not with bank guarantees but with the attesting of the functional reality of the equipment. In our validation services, it is the physics laws that demonstrate the equipment performs according to its specification. This is a quantified, detailed and rigorous validation.

Therefrom, the depth of the results allows for the identification of deviations in functional parameters, regarding the guiding values among which they should evolve. This leads to early corrections of deviations.

There are many types of validation studies:

  • Fluid dynamics, with or without energy, multiphysics, with reaction
  • Structural
  • Vibro-acoustics
  • Particle interaction
  • Multiphysics

Some of our studies can be formulated as a tecnological check, leaving the door open to different alternatives for the improvement of the process or the products being analyzed. Afterwards, the approaches obtained can be composed into a Project.

Acoustic analysis